(Rating: PG Length: 85min)

Film Type: (Digital in 2D)
Genre: family-oriented movie.


Director: Alenka Falzon
Writers: Ruth Frendo
Stars: Neve Mansueto, Aiken Buhagiar, Henry Zammit Cordina, Christabelle Scerri, Deandra Agius, Mandy Micallef Grimaud.


The story starts off in Malta in the 1940s. During a school visit group of children and their teacher mysteriously disappear in an underground labyrinth. In the present day we are introduced to Pia, a lonely orphan, who feels unwanted and unlovable. After hearing that the Golden Calf mentioned in the Bible is hidden in Malta, and after finding an ancient treasure map, together with her cousin Sandro, who is an unsecure geek, the children embark on a fantastical adventure. After uncovering a number of clues, they end up lost in the same mysterious underground labyrinth as they face a number of dangers. The cousins’ adventure also leads to unearthing important family secrets that will forever change everyone’s lives.

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